Norway’s 8 Typical Dishes

Today I bring you an article with the best and most demanded dishes of Norway. I have had the great satisfaction of savoring the heart of the Nordic country for many years. Norwegian cuisine may seem a little strange, especially for users to the most Mediterranean diet, in some of its dishes. You just have to put the prejudices aside and dare to take a good bite out of these delicious dishes. What I assure you is that you will be surprised.

Typical Dishes of Norway
Typical Dishes

What are the typical dishes in Norway?

  1. Norwegian cheese dish
  2. Reindeer meat soup
  3. Rakfisk: Fermented fish
  4. Norwegian salmon
  5. Marinated meat
  6. Norwegian sausage
  7. Daim iced cake and almonds
  8. Norwegian sweets

The typical Norwegian cheese dish

I declare myself Cheese Lover and I must say that I never imagined that gastronomy in Norway would have cheese as the protagonist. However, it is. Cheese is a very well valued product in Norway and is produced in different ways. Smoked, goat, sheep and cow, with spices and varied flavors, so is cheese in Norway.

Typical Dishes of Norway
Typical Dishes

Reindeer meat soup

Reindeer is abundant in the plains and mountains of Norway, making it a highly prized meat in the country. Personally I do not like hunting meat too much,but the reindeer is especially tender and mild in flavor. On one of my getaways, one night we dined in a cabin in the Beito Camp several typical Norwegian dishes, including reindeer soup.

It was quite a surprise for me to discover the special taste that this soup,whose main ingredient was reindeer meat, left me. In addition to a wide variety of vegetables, the texture of this soup is creamy and ideal for combating cool temperatures. This dish is usually accompanied by cheeses and cold cuts produced in Norway and delicious. In addition to savoring again the local beers, such as Valdres Gardsbryggeri.

Rakfisk: Fermented fish

Without a doubt, the most special dish I tried during my trip to the heart of Norway. I had the opportunity to try the Rakfisk on our visit to Noraker Gard. At first glance, and “first smell,” you may reject this dish, considered a delicacy in Norway. However, this semi-fermented fish from the Norwegian region of Valdres, the town where it is most produced deserves to be tasted.

A type of trout to which a fermentation process is applied that follows the ancient traditions. When it comes to how to eat the Rakfisk, we find it in three different states, soft, intermediate and strong, with a fermentation process of between 6 months and one year. It is usually accompanied by a wheat tortilla, or with potatoes and butter, or directly unassed, for the most daring. What you should not miss is the local Sma Vesen beer whose pairing is perfect for Rakfisk.

Typical Dishes of Norway
Typical Dishes

The Amazing Norwegian Salmon

Salmon may be the most praised and famous product of Norwegian cuisine. So much so that there are hundreds of ways to cook it. This time I tried it in the oven accompanied by a cream sauce with potatoes, pumpkin and spinach.

In the city of Trondheim,one of Norway’s main cities, is home skyds Station serving home-cooked food. The atmosphere is genuine, warm and friendly and is in the center of Trondheim’sOld Town. In addition to salmon, other traditional Nordic cuisine, such as Danish herring, is served here.

Norwegian salmon in one of its cooking versions.

Marinated meat

Near the beautiful village of Lom, we find a restaurant, the Skeid Kro where lovers of good meat will enjoy. It is a cozy place that will surprise you with a great variety of marinated and juicy meat. We’re talking about chicken, veal and pork,the three products par excellence. Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words, and it is that the intense taste of this meat is difficult to explain.

Norway’s sausage

The surprise you can take is capital of this journey through Norwegian gastronomy,find what you know in Spain as sausage. Maybe it’s because on my first trip as it happened through the heart of Norway, the center of the country, and the fish there lost someBut reindeer and deer meat is also used to produce sausages that, in appearance, are quite similar to Iberian sausage.

Its flavor, however, is much more intense and has nothing to do with the mild taste to which many palates are used. Although it is, without a doubt, an experience to try chorizo, ham or sausage of reindeer and deer.

Typical Dishes of Norway
Typical Dishes

The iced daim and almond cake

Norway is not devoid of excellent desserts. We can find the best known ones, although there are also some made with local products. The main ingredient of Daim Ice Cream Cake is precisely what gives it its name, the Daim. It is a crispy almond and butter bar covered with milk chocolate. We can find it in IKEA stores since it is very popular in the Nordic countries.

The cake also carries almonds, vanilla, and the usual ingredients for cooking cakes. But it is, without a doubt, this base ingredient that gives it the distinctive flavor and is a perfect dessert for the sweetest. Cheer up and go to an Ikea center, if you want to taste it!

Norwegian Sweets

Finally, and following the sweet recipe book of Norwegian gastronomy, we cannot ignore the most typical pastas of Norway. These include the cinnamon bun(Kanelsnurr) or the wheat bun (Hveteboller). You can find them in the pastry shops, as well as a wide variety of Spanish bread, crisp and very rich.

Typical Dishes of Norway
Typical Dishes


With this review of the 8 typical Norwegian dishes we only open our mouths. If there is one thing I have discovered on this trip to the center of Norway it is that Norwegian cuisine has personality, that Norwegians like to cook and, above all, eat, and that we can find real delicacies. Finally, try everything to be able to value, you may be surprised. I’ll see you on my Blog.